Kitchen Design: What is a Transitional Style Kitchen?

As one of the most popular design styles, you are sure to have been in a transitional style kitchen at some point in your life. You might even own one without knowing it!

Transitional style kitchens are known for being popular yet evergreen, mixing traditional elements with contemporary, or even eclectic, details. Some transitional style kitchens show off the juxtaposition of traditional against modern, softer against sleek; others use a gentler mix of traditional custom cabinetry with trendy details like colors or patterns. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, kitchen design trends will continue to move toward transitional style, combining elements to create kitchens as unique as their owners.

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If you have questions about transitional style, we will cover even more with photos, examples, and benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Transitional Style Kitchen?

Since transitional style kitchens combine the best parts of traditional and contemporary, there are lots of advantages. From a unique look to an easily refreshed base, there are lots of reasons people are going transitional.

Transitional Style Looks Fresh

There is a lot to be said about avoiding hyper-trendy design elements in your kitchen’s base components, such as custom kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, built-in shelving, and countertops. Transitional style lets you use classic traditional design for the parts of your kitchen that are the most expensive and most hassle to replace while letting you play with trendier colors, designs, and patterns on the fabric, art, and accessories. This keeps your kitchen looking fresh and timeless—instead of dated and tired.

Not Too Formal, Not Too Casual

If you like the idea of having a casual inviting kitchen, but still want something that feels luxurious, transitional style is the best of both worlds. You can use the traditional styles as a base and add some more contemporary details and colors to make the space feel welcoming. This way you avoid the potential stuffiness of a traditional kitchen and the coldness of a modern one. It’s the Goldilocks of kitchen design.

Ultimate Personalization

Transitional style also lets you mix the design elements you truly love instead of feeling confined to a box. Home designers are embracing the mix-and-match attitude of design in order to create personalized rooms that fit the family’s life. This means more opportunities for fun details in the kitchen that used to be reserved for other living spaces.

All The Comforts Fit Right In

On that same note, kitchens are not just used for cooking anymore. They are gathering spaces, communal spaces; places for doing homework, charging devices, and talking over coffee. Transitional style helps fold in the technology we need alongside the comforts and appliances we want, without anything looking out of place. Incorporating device charging stations into kitchen islands is a common detail now, but those modern conveniences often look jarring against a traditional kitchen. With transitional style, everything works together and looks thoughtful, personal, and beautiful.

The Best Way to Get a Totally Unique Kitchen

If you want a unique kitchen with lots of personal touches, a transitional style is a great choice. Goodbye cookie-cutter kitchens. Never worry about walking into your kitchen’s identical twin. Since transitional style kitchens blend design elements, you can be sure that your kitchen will be one of a kind—just like your family.

Perfect for Open Layouts

Since transitional style kitchens are so flexible and inviting, they are the perfect style for open layout homes where rooms flow into each other. If you can see your kitchen from the living room and dining room, you want all three to complement each other. That is easier to do with transitional style since you can use the best of the traditional and contemporary worlds.

How to Get the Transitional Style Kitchen Look

Have we piqued your interest in this popular style? The professionals at Gibin Remodeling can help you bring your own transitional style kitchen to life. Contact us to discuss your ideas and get a free quote.

If a transitional style mixes design elements, then what does a transitional style kitchen look like? There are some ways to successfully pull off the style without creating a confusing design. Here are our tips for getting a transitional style in your kitchen.

Focus on Cabinetry to Contain Clutter

White transitional style kitchen with custom cabinetry

Most successful transitional style kitchens have lots of cabinetry to help the room look cohesive and to contain distracting clutter. Beautiful custom cabinetry can make a major visual impact in a kitchen and can define the design. When you are redesigning your kitchen, making a plan for hiding away as much visual clutter as you can does wonders for the overall feeling of the room. With custom kitchen cabinets built to maximize storage, your design choices get to shine. Since you are aiming for a mix of traditional and contemporary styles, choose a timeless cabinetry design that will withstand trends that may come and go, such a Shaker design.

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Choose Colors with Care

Transitional kitchen with wood beams, teal island, and red booth

Popular transitional style kitchens lean on mostly neutrals and pseudo-neutrals, such as blues and greens. Gleaming white tile, creamy cabinetry, and luxurious quartz countertops make a dreamy backdrop for contemporary accents. Natural woodgrains to stains are popular accents too. This keeps the room feeling open, fresh, airy, and inviting. Of course, pops of impactful colors can bring loads to personality to your transitional style kitchen as well!

Add Built-In Shelving for Streamlined Display

Open shelving over kitchen sink displaying dishes

Transitional style is all about clean, modern design rooted in traditional warmth. Built-in shelving lets you display your personal items while still keeping your counters clear. This is a great way to bring in modern lighting too, adding another element to your transitional style.

Ready to Make Your Dream Transitional Style Kitchen a Reality?

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