5 Kitchen Renovation Design Tips

Feeling like your kitchen could use some updating? Today’s kitchen renovations focus on classic style and optimized functionality. After all, the kitchen is a hub of activity and the heart of the home. By designing a kitchen that feels welcoming and organized, you will create a space you can enjoy for years to come.

However, tackling a kitchen renovation can feel overwhelming. There can be many decisions to make, especially when it comes to the design you want to create. It would be a terrible feeling to invest lots of time and money into a renovation, only to end up with a result that doesn’t meet your expectations.

The best way to avoid that disappointment is to hire a reliable partner for your remodel. We at Gibin Remodeling offer dependable service from consultation through cleanup, with years of craftsmanship behind our custom cabinets, flooring, and millwork.

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Does a Kitchen Renovation Increase House Value?

Not living in your forever home? A kitchen renovation is a worthy investment if you ever plan to sell.

According to buyer patterns and surveys, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to potential buyers. How buyers feel about the kitchen can make or break their feelings about the whole house. A beautiful kitchen renovation can add significant value to your home and earn an estimated 71% return on your investment (ROI). This makes the kitchen a truly worthwhile investment.

What Are the Best Renovations to Increase House Value?

In addition to renovating your kitchen, some other ways to get more bang for your remodeling bucks are the following:

Renovate your main bathrooms
Bathrooms are important parts of our homes that we use daily. It makes sense that we want them to feel modern, clean, comfortable, and even luxurious. This is a great way to increase your home value.

Upgrade your flooring
Flooring plays a huge role in the look of your home since it visually takes up so much space. When buyers see a home with beautiful floors that they know they won’t have to renovate anytime soon, they see something already checked off their to-do list.


Add built-in shelving
When it comes to usefulness meeting high-end touches, you can’t go wrong with built-in shelves. Custom shelving adds personality to a home, setting your house apart from the others on the market.

Work with Your House’s Style, Not Against It

Like the rest of your home, your kitchen should flow in terms of color, style, and even layout. A sleek, modern kitchen might look jarring in Victorian or traditional homes.

However, don’t be afraid to modernize your kitchen and make it reflect what you like. Depending on your personal style, you can dive into an eclectic kitchen design that integrates multiple styles to achieve a streamlined look while adding interest. Ideally, your kitchen should feel related to the rest of your home, but not necessarily exactly the same (think siblings, not twins).

When it comes to modernizing older homes, you should choose which design elements you want to embrace, whether it’s materials or style. Even modern millwork, flooring, and cabinets can match an older home’s aesthetic if you choose an artisanal remodeling company. With attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship, we can create kitchen features to enhance any home’s style.

Consider Embracing a Closed Layout Kitchen

While open-layout kitchens are popular in more recently built homes, many homeowners are seeing the value in closed kitchen layouts. Separate kitchen space can create privacy for preparing food, which can be valuable for entertaining or simply keeping the rest of the house from hearing (and smelling!) what you are working on.

If you are considering opening up your kitchen, remember that your house may be designed that way for specific reasons, including the placement of windows and appliances or the flow of the house.

Choose a Focal Point

Whether you choose to play with color, design a beautiful cabinet design, or draw attention to your kitchen island, you should plan a focal point for your kitchen renovation. Planning one impactful design element will keep everything from visually competing with each other. Everything else in the kitchen should support this focal point, helping the whole room feel cohesive.

Some of the most common kitchen focal points:

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets can make up to 75% of your kitchen, so they greatly impact the style, feel, and functionality of the space. Custom kitchen cabinets are a great option for a kitchen facelift because they make such a big statement.

There are lots of ways to add interest and functionality with custom kitchen cabinets since they are made for your space, not just any kitchen. You can use your kitchen measurements to take advantage of the vertical space and create tailored workspaces. You can make a statement with a signature color or a gorgeous natural wood grain.

Additionally, custom cabinets last longer than mass-produced cabinets, making them a better investment for long-term kitchen happiness.

Read more about choosing custom kitchen cabinets for your home.

Built-in Storage

Storage is the name of the game in any kitchen. Making sure everything has a home and is easy to get to when you need it is a key factor in how well your kitchen functions—and a functional kitchen means a happy cook!

Some places to add built-in storage include:

  • The pantry or larder
  • The kitchen island
  • Above the cabinets
  • Open walls around the kitchen with no set purpose (perfect for open-shelving storage to display your beautiful dishes)
  • Inside large cabinets or drawers

Need help deciding on kitchen storage ideas? We can help with experienced design advice.

Pro Tip: Choose a Reliable Remodeling Company for Your Kitchen Renovation

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